World of Warcraft Film Adaptation Has Found Its Lead Actor

The World of Warcraft movie simply entitled Warcraft has found one of its four leading actors. Travis Fimmel, the current star of History Channel’s smash-hit Vikings will slice and dice his way onto the big screen adaptation.

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Lord_Sloth916d ago

Was kinda hoping this movie would be CG.

Shinuz915d ago

Yeah me too, i'm kinda less interested now.

Sandmano915d ago (Edited 915d ago )

This is amazing news, love Vikings and the character Ragnar lothbrok. Get Tom hardy on board and a couple of guys from game of thrones and this will be epic!

ironfist92915d ago

Ooh this is going to be good. And Vikings will definitely get a boost in viewers which is great coz I love this show.

WitWolfy915d ago

Yeah Vikings is awesome! Finished it last night is def pumped for season 2 next year.

KingPin915d ago

this movie looks like itll end up being a lord of the rings clone. i don't mean that negatively, when watching LOTR i kept thinking about warcraft.

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