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Clive Barker to Pen ‘Hellraiser’ Remake with Doug Bradley as Pinhead

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Clive Barker has announced his intention to write a new script for a remake of “Hellraiser,” his 1987 directorial debut.

The respected horror author and filmmaker made the announcement about his plans to revisit the S/M-inflected tale in a post on his Facebook page, saying that he not only would pen the new screenplay but that he had secured an agreement from distributor Weinstein Co. for actor Doug Bradley to reprise his role as the signature villain Pinhead.

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Crazay1675d ago

I love this. He is Pinhead and Clive Barker should be involved with this.

Anthotis1675d ago

Another pointless remake.

hazelamy1675d ago

with the original creator writing it?

and a reboot means they can ignore the later awful sequels that had no involvement from Barker, and they even replaced Bradley as Pinhead with some chubby bloke.

Barker and Bradley back?
hell yeah.
pun very much intended.

LOL_WUT1675d ago

The voice Pinhead had in the classics was cool I hope they keep it that way ;)

aDDicteD1674d ago

hellraiser is one of my favorite old horror movies in the 80's. with the original actor doing pinhead it is a major plus factor. i can see that it is capable of being the best hellraiser with strong writing and if they do their trademark violence and get capable actors.

barb_wire1674d ago

Worst possible company he (Clive Barker) could go to (even though he probably has to for legal reasons).. Weinstein's are the absolute worse.. there are countless stories of them screwing film makers over.

There are a lot of movies the Weinstein's have "made" that have never been released.

andron6661674d ago

Unfortunately that is very true. Weinsteins business practices and track record is a red flag for this kind of movie.

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