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Harrison Ford's Top 10 Movies

IGN: Harrison Ford could have retired decades ago and he'd still be considered one of the biggest actors in the world. That's the benefit of being the guy who played both Han Solo and Indiana Jones. Luckily, Ford is still active in Hollywod. He appeared in the Jackie Robinson biopic 42 earlier this year, and he's about to return to theaters when he plays Colonel Graff in the big-screen adaptation of Ender's Game (due out this Friday in the U.K. and next Friday in America).

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aDDicteD1637d ago

i definitely agree with the top 5, i have not seen most of the movies 6-10. han solo and indiana jones are characters that he owns and nobody could ever reprise or redo.

StarWarsFan1631d ago

This man's a legend. He oozes authenticity.