'Wonder Woman' Movie May Be On The Way, Won't Be Called 'Wonder Woman'

THR Heat Vision:
While the prospect of a live-action Wonder Woman movie remains somewhat stalled, much to the frustration of her fans, it's not entirely impossible that we could see another animated feature-length story centering around the character, according to the supervising producer of Warner Bros' DC animated features. There's just one thing: It probably wouldn't include the words Wonder Woman in the title.

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alycakes1669d ago

They've been talking about this for so long I don't know that I believe them anymore.

DarkBlood1669d ago

I think its fairly obvious by now regarding DC starting with superman that they wont make obvious titles i mean they have the marketing to tell you what kind of movie its going to be anyways so yeah

Lord_Sloth1668d ago

I love Wonder Woman but a movie of hers has me worried because it would be so easy to flub!

aDDicteD1668d ago

wonder woman can support a movie of her own, i dont think they should do a justice league just to focus majority of the screentime to wonder woman or any other heroes that they think cannot support their own film, i think all members of justice league except martian manhunter can hold their own on film.

StarWarsFan1662d ago

This has taken way too long to go forward. And why not call it Wonder Woman?