TVF Arrow Review: All Coming Together

The Arrow case of the week, referred to in the title "Broken Dolls," felt familiar in a Fringe sort of way - but overall wasn't really necessary to the story other than its relevance in relation to Quentin Lance and the daughter we know to be alive but still haven't received confirmation on yet, Sarah.

The Dollmaker was a hideous criminal who used women with lovely porcelain skin and turned them into his version of dolls.

Lance (since I can't call him Detective any longer and I don't feel comfy with Quentin) caught the case shortly after Sarah disappeared and all the victims were around her age. Eight girls died before the Dollmaker was caught, and now he had escaped from prison.

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alycakes1673d ago

Very good episode. Canary made an appearance and Arrow now needs to find out what she is up to...good or bad. I think this season is going to be even better than last season. All the new characters are so neat and I'm looking forward to even more.