Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer Released Online


Marvel Studios have released the trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. You can check it out embedded below.
The first film the studio has made based directly on a specific comic book story, Captain America: The Winter Soldier follows Steve Rogers as he deals with a skilled and powerful new foe who has a strikingly familiar backstory. Based on the story by Ed Brubaker, the film also appears to feature elements of Bob Harras’s Nick Fury vs. S.H.I.E.L.D. story.

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hazelamy1547d ago


looks great.

but, anybody else think maybe the helicarriers in the cinematic universe are a bit too easy to take down?

cell9891547d ago

lol right, thats billions of dollars spent everytime

DarkBlood1547d ago

yeah explain that shit to the media lol

Hayabusa 1171547d ago

I was thinking the exact same thing.

cell9891547d ago

this could be the more dark/mature/gritty Captain America movie I was hoping for, definitely better action

Defectiv3_Detectiv31547d ago

A bit unremarkable really. Star Trek 2, Thor 2, and now Captain America 2 - these trailers don't give us any clue what the actual movie is about. The action scenes look a bit generic. Hopefully they plan on introducing more characters, I know the Bucky storyline is a big deal but it would be nice to get another villain. In short, nothing about this trailer really popped out at me and made me feel like I need to pay attention to this movie. It just looks like a generic action movie with Captain America.

Hayabusa 1171547d ago

I don't want to know what the movie is about. I'll find out when I watch the film.

Defectiv3_Detectiv31547d ago

I'll agree that it's worse when a trailer gives too much away, but it should still give you some sense of what the movie is going to be about.

Lord_Sloth1547d ago (Edited 1547d ago )

Looks like it's about Cap keeping SHIELD in line so Rogers vs SHIELD I guess.

Christopher1547d ago

I got a huge overtone of "strength doesn't make right" with regards to government abuse of power, to be honest. While it doesn't say who the main enemies are, it's the main tone of the movie as far as I can tell.

frelyler1546d ago

Just pay attention to the trailer. If you do it's fairly obvious what it's about. The title even tells you, "Winter Soldier." In the trailer Cap is having a discussion with Fury where they discuss punishment before someone even does anything wrong. In other words Cap is still adjusting to this new time and ghosts of his past are coming back to haunt him. That's it, that's what the movie is about. Cap still has not come full circle in the acceptance of his place in this time and this movie will finish that arc. People have no attention span nowadays.

frelyler1541d ago


It's not an it gives some sense of what it's about like your earlier comment stated. Do you really want to know every detail. I hate knowing everything. I want vague. It's a Captain America story involving the Winter Soldier. In my book you don't need to know anything else.

cell9891546d ago

thats the goal of a trailer, get you exited without spoiling the movie for you genius

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