5 Weird Movie Casting Choices That Worked – And 5 That Definitely Didn’t

Following the announcement that muscular actor Tom Hardy is set to play Elton John in a new biopic, it's an ideal time to look at some of the most surprising casting decisions in cinema history.

Drawing on cases of inspired against-type portrayals and disastrous performances alike, WOW247 pick out five weird casting choices that worked – and five that most definitely didn’t.

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aDDicteD1696d ago

tough guy tom hardy playing elton john is something to see. the article included heath ledger thats a good thing, but they should have also included micheal keaton who also like heath was highly criticize to be not fit playing batman but were wrong.

StarWarsFan1694d ago

I think Reeves and Farrell worked fine. Maybe Farrell more than Reeves. Keanu doesn't fit in period settings for me.