Beware the Batman To Return in January

CB: Cartoon Network has indeed pulled Beware the Batman from its schedule, but the series will return in January, according to the show’s star, Anthony Ruivivar.

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darklordzor1674d ago

So I guess we might as well call this one cancelled as well? I mean, this is exactly what they did to GL and Young Justice before those got cancelled. They pulled them from the line-up without notice, and didn't bring them back until January.

-Foxtrot1674d ago

Can you blame then...look at it, the art style seems horrible.

Not surprised though, CN has went down the gutter since 2005/2006 ish. Least Americans have Boomerang to watch old shows, us in the UK have to sit through more crap on there.

Soldierone1674d ago

Boomerang is typically a "special" channel, so you have to pay extra to get it. At least in my area its like that, which sucks since we already pay high prices for the bare minimum package.

darklordzor1674d ago

Agreed, the art style of most new shows is crap, but I loved the Green Lantern style.

-Foxtrot1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

For me it either has horrible art style like this new Batman OR it has the horrible same old CGI crap...thats what is wrong with CN or the majority of the Cartoon channels these days.

That and Political Correctness has something to do with it, least some old Cartoons had small adult references.

Hell even something like Courage the Cowardly Dog was pretty creepy and messed up for being a children's cartoon.

Soldierone1674d ago

Well, goodbye good show, lets see what crap they bring in to replace it.....

So sad to see shows like Young Justice go, then some stoner poorly drawn show gets its spot.....

Soldierone1674d ago

I don't even know the names of them. I just ignore them in hopes ratings dip and CN stops putting them on air....

RetrospectRealm1673d ago

Good show? Beware The Batman sucked. Bring on that DCAU Justice League continuation show from Timm that was rumored in March!

Soldierone1673d ago

Wasn't just talking about Batman, Young Justice was one of the best shows CN had and it got cancelled.

RetrospectRealm1673d ago

"Well, goodbye good show, lets see what crap they bring in to replace it..... " Sounded like you were talking about Batman to me...

Simon_Brezhnev1674d ago

Yeah so sick of cartoon network. They always fning up schedules without notice.

ironfist921673d ago

Young Justice and Green Lantern cut before their prime, now not even the bad ones are safe from cancellation.

Its reasons like this why WB/DC is flailing way behind Disney/Marvel at the moment.

The only things they have going for them is a few TV shows, Animated films, and god knows what theyre doing to their live action film franchises