TVF Person of Interest Review: Spy Kid

Person of Interest Season 3 has featured a decent batch of episodes so far.

Plus, the new chapter involving the freed Machine, Root on the loose and Shaw as a new member of the team has been a good slow buildup without rushing into anything and wasting the storylines that have been opened, in addition to dealing with the past ones resurfacing.

With "Razgovor," I was a bit skeptical that a majority of the focus would on Shaw, especially because there's a possibility she could get overused, leaving the original crew too much in the background. Except the episode was a knockout punch that was able to converge the characters and give them all something to do, at the same time pulling in each respective story together, and then delivering a final shocking kicker moment at the very last second.

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alycakes1674d ago

OMG! Did it give a shocker at the end? It sure did! I am so proud of Carter I can't even describe how great I felt when I saw that part. The whole hour was covering two stories at the same time and then when they became one and I thought "oh no" she's going to get set up or jaded out of all the work she's done again but I was so pleasantly surprised. I may have to watch it again just to make sure it really happened.

Leio1673d ago

That scene was just epic

alycakes1673d ago

I know, my husband and I both at the same time yelled out 'alright' and raised our arms in the air. That's how excited we were. Great show and now even better.