TVF Castle Review: Too Soon

"Time Will Tell" continued one of Castle's best season to date. It was classic Castle with a sci-fi twist, some Casketty future goodness and a father/daughter moment that broke my heart.

Let's start with the sci-fi.

Castle finally got his time traveling killer. Simon Doyle was exuberant and determined enough to sell his story, yet crazy enough to make me question it too.

The thought of future Energy Wars was just believable enough to be scary and I appreciated Castle asking the questions about the butterfly effects of changing the time stream and Doyle's explanation that while some minor changes were self-correcting, others could undeniably change the future.

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alycakes1675d ago

This episode was awesome last night. I just love it when the subject is so out there that is makes Castle act like he's a kid again. It really was good.