Kingsley for 'Secret' Marvel Job

Belfast Telegraph

Sir Ben Kingsley has revealed he is working with Marvel on a top secret project.

The Ender's Game star refused to disclose details about the role, and would not reveal if he would be reprising his part as the Mandarin, which he played in Iron Man 3.

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Anthotis1706d ago

Which character will he butcher next?

Crazay1706d ago

Butcher? Really dude? His performance was awesome. DO i love what they did with the end result of the character, no but i certainly didn't hate it. He performed the role perfectly based on how the role was written and the way he was directed. DOn't come down on him for the writer/directing changing who the character really was.

Lord_Sloth1706d ago

The actor cannot be blamed for doing his job. The writer and director are to blame for Osama bin Mandarin.

Unztayble1706d ago

I hope that they actually give him THE major role. I haaated what the writers did with his character in Iron Man 3. He was so good in that role only to be made into a jackass.

TheFutureIsBlue1706d ago

It was stupid too, because the trailers made him to look like a badass. They fooled me and it killed the movie for me. Iron Man 3 was horrible because of it.

NateCole1706d ago

I just completely hated I3 because of what they did with Mandrin.

Frogman1706d ago

Really people? Mandrin is a mastermind. Did you ever think that maybe he played dumb and get caught for a reason? For such a big character to have such a small role, watch out America. 😉

StarWarsFan1699d ago

I wonder when they'll make an official announcement.

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