The Walking Dead Season 4: Michael Rooker Spotted On Set, Will Merle Return?


When asked Michael Rooker earlier this year if there was any chance of his character Merle Dixon returning in a flashback or hallucination scene in Season 4 of The Walking Dead, Rooker told us, “It will cost them [laughing].”

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MysticStrummer1705d ago

In flashbacks maybe, but Merle's little brother did a pretty thorough job of ending his short undead career.

Crazay1705d ago

no question. it;s not like they can just "bring him back from the dead" ....again

mp12891704d ago

"heey, little brother..."

Soldierone1704d ago

I would say yes since both episodes so far were somewhat attempting to dive into Daryl and Michonne. My bet is we will see some sort of flashback for him, then one for Michonne.

WitWolfy1704d ago

Maybe he just dropped by the set for all we know.. Sure does look like the pilot episode where they we're fighting for their lies that store IMO

aDDicteD1704d ago

It would be great to see some flashbacks with him but I think that chances are quite low.

StarWarsFan1698d ago

Flashbacks probably. Unless Merle was cloned.