Batman Vs Superman: WB Exec. Won't Confirm Nor Deny 'Wonder Woman' Rumors


"Everything that's been speculated are things we've thought about," assures Warner Bros.' Greg Silverman after being questioned about Wonder Woman's rumored role in Batman Vs. Superman and more!

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Anthotis1581d ago

In this boring, gritty and realistic world, how will they introduce a magically empowered character like Wonder Woman?

DarkBlood1580d ago

Well that really grinds my gears lol

krazykombatant1580d ago

lol that would be AWFUL, to add wonder woman with both batman and superman give her a movie or two to develop.

StarWarsFan1574d ago

I'd rather see Wonder Woman in her own movie.

aDDicteD1573d ago

that will be very unlikely, the film can stand with only superman and batman with any villain there is, screen time is also a crucial factor, they should avoid overplotting the film, this is a make or break project for the justice league so they should handle this with care.