Bruce Campbell On Why Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash Didn’t Happen


We’ve already covered what Bruce Campbell had to say about an Army Of Darkness sequel and a show he is developing with USA, but what about a movie from the past that never got made. At one time, New Line Cinema was considering making a Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash movie, but it never came to be. The film treatment eventually wound up being adapted into a comic book limited series. Last month, reported on how Robert Englund, who played Freddy Krueger, said the film came very close to actually getting made. As to why the movie didn’t get made, Englund said he thought the issue was Sam [Raimi] wanted Ash to win.

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PSWiiKing1675d ago

That's New Line for ya. The Comic Book shows that Ash Williams beat Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. But New Line says "That ain't gonna happen". Screw you New Line.

aDDicteD1671d ago

they should have done the film, i think ash should win because both freddie and jason are considered immortals and killing them off in the hands of ash is just another death day for them while if ash is killed on film that would be a legit death unless they had a resurrection scenario for him but i doubt it, and if ash does not win who else will? jason and freddie had a film with no winner anyway, the humans also won although the head to head match had freddie winning.

StarWarsFan1668d ago

I'm not sure about a movie like this. For instance, I wouldn't call the AVP movies gems.