Box Office: 'Gravity' & 'Captain Phillips' Reign Over 'Carrie'

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In spite of being in its third weekend and with Halloween right around the corner, "Gravity" took the number one spot, with "Captain Phillips" following right behind, beating out a gang of newcomers: horror remake "Carrie," Schwarzenegger and Stallone actioner "Escape Plan," and the Julian Assange story starring Sherlock, "The Fifth Estate."

With critic praise and clearly great word of mouth, "Gravity" continues to do big business, taking $31 million this weekend. With a running domestic total of $170.6 million, the only other film to do better in its third weekend this year was "Iron Man 3." This marks both George Clooney's and Sandra Bullock's third highest-grossing film to date. Out of that $170.6 million, $38 million (22%) was from over 300 IMAX screens. It is also the tenth highest-grossing "disaster" movie of all time (not adjusting for inflation), knocking out "2012."

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alycakes1981d ago

I guess to some this would be surprising results but this year the boxoffice results have all been unusual.

aDDicteD1976d ago

gravity got popular because of word of mouth, people who have seen it and amazed by its special effects and story give high recommendations and now its a blockbuster success, even james cameron said it is the best space movie, that itself gets your attention. on the other hand carrie is a film that is met with mixed reviews mostly comparing it to its more popular original film by sissy spacek.