Has Idris Elba Joined The Cast Of Jurassic World?


Nothing too concrete on this, but two separate and unrelated sources are claiming that the Thor: The Dark World actor has signed on to join Josh Brolin, Bryce Dallas Howard and co. in Colin Trevorrow's dino-sequel. Read on for more..

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alycakes1640d ago

I wouldn't mind. I like him in anything.

lastofgen1639d ago

pretty much.
except in those few episodes of the office. though, that was probably because of the way the writers characterized him in the show.

alycakes1639d ago

I never watched the office so I was protected from that I guess

Crazay1640d ago

Ya he is a pretty decent actor. I have no issue with anything I've seen him in myself

aDDicteD1640d ago

that would be a good addition. he has proven himself noteworthy in sci fi films.

ajax171640d ago

That'd be cool. Just don't kill him off!

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