TVF Once Upon a Time Review: No Escape

Once Upon a Time continued its best season yet by proving that it's hard to escape our "Nasty Habits" and that most of us feel lost sooner or later.

Rumpelstiltskin conjured another vision of Belle as he prepared to do battle with Peter Pan. She brought up an pleasant point of truth for the Dark One in this Once Upon a Time quote…

A lifetime of craven self interest is a nasty habit that you've never been able to break. | permalink

But the truth was that Belle wasn't doing the talking, that's simply the voice in Rumpel's head. The one that tells him that one day his beloved Belle will leave him just as Neal did. Just as Mila did. Just like his father.

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alycakes1705d ago

I haven't been watching it this season. I really haven't been excited about it. I know it's a good show because I liked it but it's just gotten so complicated and I've just got too much going on and also too many new shows.