Stan Lee Wants Cameo In Batman Vs. Superman

“I’ll show you why DC isn’t so smart,” said Lee. “If I were the head of DC, I would contact me and say, ‘How about doing a cameo in the next Superman movie?’ Can you imagine? Nobody would believe it. Everybody would go see it.”

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DarkBlood1675d ago

more likely the space time continium would explode if that happen :P

darklordzor1675d ago

I think this is a wonderful idea. Make it happen!

alycakes1675d ago

Agreed...I think it would be great. Stan Lee did do a comic book titled Superman and Stan Lee and I think he also did one about Batman.

aDDicteD1674d ago

stan lee is marvel, i do not see it happening. the film is so popular that a cameo from him will not make a difference.

ajax171674d ago

That'd be pretty cool. Even moreso if they gave him a one-liner.