Tim Burton Returning to Beetlejuice?


Greeting Schmoeville!
Been an exciting time here in Schmoeville, eh? Last night, we dropped news that Michael B Jordan has officially signed on for the FANTASTIC FOUR reboot as Johnny Storm.
And now, thanks to our VERY RELIABLE source (used CAPS LOCK folks, it’s serious…) we have another interesting development that is happening out there…

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Crazay1646d ago

Sign me up for another Beetlejuice but only if Michael Keaton is in it and ...why not throw Winona Ryder as well for good measure.

ajax171644d ago

Yeah, Michael Keaton IS Beetlejuice. This really is an awesome idea. He was such a cool character, and Tim Burton could do so much more with the the whole afterlife world.

ironfist921643d ago

I wont be surprised of Burton gets Johnny Depp as Beetlejuice

Crazay1643d ago

that frightening thought crossed my mind as well.

StarWarsFan1637d ago

I'd love to see Tim Burton visit his past material and Beetlejuice would be great.