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A great sci fi movie set in the future that shows a destroyed Earth, where its inhabitants have been divided in two. The rich ones have migrated to a satellite called Elysium, where they can continue on living as if nothing ever happened, and the poor ones remain trying to survive on the surface of our broken planet.

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Defectiv3_Detectiv31679d ago

Really disappointed with this movie after Blomkamp had such a strong debut with District 9. The script definitely could have used some polish. The commentary was really heavy handed and lazy. Instead of trying to create a compelling view of the future they just turn it into a podium for their message. I would have liked it if they explored the relationship between Elysium and Earth more, and the humor that made D9 so refreshing was largely absent here. I also thought the love story between Matt Damon and his childhood sweetheart was conventional and dull. There are some nice action scenes and visuals, but overall it's just an uninspired mess. I would give it more of a 6/10.