10 Essential Movies From The 1960s

WGTC writes: American society was going through a period of upheaval, with the hippie generation and its countercultural movement influencing the country’s sensibilities whether they liked it or not. Cinema itself was in a state of transition as well, with the Hollywood studio system coming apart and the growing interest in the art cinema in places like France attracting the attention of cinephiles and art aficionados alike. It was the beginning of the rise of the whole idea of a filmmaker, of one person being ultimately responsible for the end product of a movie, analogous to the way a novelist is responsible for the outcome of a novel. It was the 60s, so the fact that this was hopelessly reductive didn’t matter all that much. The way movies were being made, and who was making them, was all starting to change at once.

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RetrospectRealm1704d ago

West Side Story, A Hard Day's Night, The Wild Bunch, and Easy Rider are iffy to ad to a top 10 Essential movies of the 1960s. Should've done more research. They're great movies, but I think there were greater movies from that decade.