The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus Wants To Go Out In A Hail Of Gunfire In Boondocks Saints III


Everyone wonders how Norman Reedus’ character Daryl Dixon might go out on The Walking Dead, but so far Reedus has remained quiet on potential ends for his character. When posed the question to him earlier this year, Reedus said, “What’s with all these death questions? Maybe, I can be found by a harem of sirens that can sing to me and pet my head. I could become their sex slave and populate mermaid land with redneck fish people.”

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StarWarsFan1697d ago

Daryl Dixon is the best character on The Walking Ded.

aDDicteD1696d ago

norman reedus is a hot property nowadays, i never seen the film boondock saints or heard its popularity but im sure this guys projects wherein he is attach would easily get some following thanks to the fame he received in the walking dead.