TVF Arrow Review: Corporate Heroes

Poor Felicity.

She went to all that trouble to save Oliver's exercise gizmo and only we happy viewers got to see him in action. She's been too busy acting as Oliver's Gal Friday, as each of our heroic trio struggled with their "Identity" in the new, unimproved Starling City on this edition of Arrow.

Hoodies are all the rage. Red ones, green ones. It's like Christmas. For some reason, I thought Oliver might make an announcement of his new name, but he's still The Hood, and his outfit doesn't seem like it will be in for a makeover any time soon. Would dropping the hood for a hat akin to that Robin Hood wore really fit his style? Probably not.

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alycakes1682d ago

Excellent episode. I really think it's starting to get into the part of who Arrow is suppose to be. I'm really liking Felicity too...she is adding that little bit of humor that isn't suppose to be there but is.