10 Great Films Ruined By Terrible Plot Twists

WGTC writes: Terrible plot twists are the ultimate in awful movie-watching experiences. Sadly, that doesn’t mean they’re uncommon. And unfortunately, I’ve seen more than my share of good films destroyed by ridiculous, strange, unjustified or just plain dumb twists. What this feature will not do is examine head-scratching endings/twists in decidedly awful movies, so, despite such efforts as The Happening, The Village and Devil, M. Night Shyamalan only gets one title on this list (because, easy though it would be, we can’t let him take every slot, can we?). You also won’t see Tim Burton’s godawful Planet of the Apes remake, which redefined big-budget stupidity with its Ape-raham Lincoln drivel, possibly the worst twist of all time attached to one of the worst remakes of all time.

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