TVF Sons of Anarchy Review: Fresh Juice

Jax Teller finally took some action on Sons of Anarchy this week.

Granted, that action involved more talking, but at least the SAMCRO President looks to truly be doing all he can to "Salvage" the future of his club.

Enough blabbing to Chibs about how he wants the MC to go straight and get out of guns. Jax brought that same platform to other SAMCRO charters this episode and I was banging my table along with them during his passionate speech. How will Jax actually follow up on his words and his promise?

That question is for next Tuesday. For this one, I was simply pleased to see real democratic movement from a President who has too often gone off on his own, making decisions that don't simply impact other bikers, but put them in the ground.

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alycakes1682d ago

This is also getting more interesting and I don't know exactly what's going to happen here. Hopefully all will work out but on this show you never really know what to expect.