TVF Person of Interest Review: Lawyer Love

Person of Interest usually featured such a fun charm that surrounds its techno-themed show of vigilante justice, from the action to the humor to the characters involved.

But while there were small moments that tried to peak out and prove themselves entertaining, "Reasonable Doubt" was mostly a boring turn of events that could easily be tossed into the "filler" pile of episodes.

And I know that every series has those type of episodes that are standalone, but this drama has been relatively good at making those exciting in their own right. Guess it just didn't work out to be the nifty twisty lawyer love case it wanted to be.

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alycakes1682d ago

Oh this deserves more than a 3. This one was so good with each turn something to the story changed. I loved the way it ended. The only thing I was worried about and I was right, the new rookie that Carter is training, he's with HR and was planted to keep an eye on her.