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Tom Hanks Wants To Play A Superhero "I Want To Play The Flash Or Something Like That"


Tom Hanks wants to play a superhero but says he never gets offered any of those types of roles. "Let me play a bad guy, let me play the bad guy against Batman. I'll do anything, call me." The Academy Award winner also name-drops the Flash as a dream role.

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cell9891684d ago

youre way too old for that, stick to Woody

Crazay1683d ago

I hate to agree with you but you aren't wrong. FLash just won't work. .a super villain might though.

cell9891683d ago

I was thinking the same

deathstriker1683d ago

Dr. Strange has always seemed 50, 60 something to me. Hanks doesn't really have the look, but Strange should be an older guy like him or Gary Oldman.

Quagmire1682d ago

Captain Rick Flag, leader of the Suicide Squad

aDDicteD1678d ago

i cannot imagine to hanks in a superhero film, his voice does not fit any hero or villain i know of.