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Batman, Superman Step Onto The Field


Looks like Batman Vs Superman is shooting a crowd scene this weekend in Los Angeles. This one comes to us via East Los Angeles College Campus News. They’re giving out t-shirts at the game too to the first 2000 attendees. Those of you that do attend please email me pictures of the film shoot and the t-shirts.

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Crazay1685d ago

Crazy...I wonder if it's just some minor shots for pre-production.

darklordzor1685d ago

That's what I'm guessing. I mean, they did that with The Dark Knight Rises too, where they shot a bunch of wide shots of the city in the snow a few months before regular production got started, just so they could get it out of the way.

They're probably doing it now, because by the time they start regular filming, the football season will be nearly over.

Crazay1685d ago

I wonder what they're going to do that's supposed to create a reaction that they want to capture.

darklordzor1685d ago

Perhaps Bane is at it again.... ;)

Crazay1685d ago

I predict, there's going to be some form of Spacecraft..SOmething that's heavily tied into the main badguy

DarkBlood1685d ago

you mean like it isnt just batman and superman being the main focus saved for that suppose female role?

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