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Marvel Likes Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Paul Rudd for ‘Ant-Man’

V: Sequels to “Thor” and “The Avengers” may be on the horizon at Marvel, but the company’s antennas are increasingly tuned in to Edgar Wright’s “Ant-Man.”

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-Foxtrot1707d ago

Paul Rudd please

It would be nice to see him in a film like this which isn't a full on comedy. Plus Joseph Gordon Levitt was recently in Batman so I'd rather they take Paul Rudd.

aDDicteD1698d ago

i think paul rudd is the front runner and i can clearly see him in the role but between him an JGL, i think JGL has more screen presence and is clearly has the stronger acting skills and star power, the only thing is paul rudd has a more comedic persona which blends well with ant mans persona. either JGL or paul rudd, im sure both are good choices, JGL might be the safest choice but paul might be a more surprising correct choice.