'Gravity' Stays In Top Spot; 'Captain Phillips' Ships In 2nd With $26 Million

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This past weekend saw two heavyweights go head-to-head. In one corner, an original sci-fi pic with phenomenal special effects and Sandra Bullock lost in space (read our review here). In the other, another American darling, Tom Hanks, gets captured by Somali pirates (our review). Both are getting their fair share of Oscar buzz, but only one could claim the top spot. Overall weekend box office was down only 10% from last year, and the top two films scored much better (even if the rest teeter off into the low seven-figures), with the film in the top spot making over double this time around. Similarly to last year, when "Taken 2" ($21.9 million) trumped "Argo" ($19.5 million), holdover "Gravity" beat out debut "Captain Phillips."

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ajax171684d ago

I still need to see Gravity! Damn it, what have I been thinking.