We Have Confirmation of X-Men: Days of Future Past Being Filmed in and Released in 48fps

From AICN:

Ahoy, squirts! Quint here. It has been wildly speculated that Bryan Singer's upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past would be released in 48fps, but nobody has been able to confirm it since the initial wave of guesswork which happened at the end of last year when Singer announced he was shooting the movie in native stereo.

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darklordzor1684d ago

I hope this is true. I know not everyone was excited about HFS when The Hobbit came out, but honestly, I thought it was the greatest thing, and I left the theater thinking that's how I wanted to see all movies now.

DarkBlood1684d ago

was there a difference? when i saw the movie all i saw was a movie lol and wasnt sure where the 48fps comes into play.

frelyler1683d ago

Believe me, if you had seen it in 48fps you would have noticed in both the price you paid and the looks of the movie. It is quite jarring, but pretty neat tech. My only complaint was things looked fake on the physical sets of the movie.

DarkBlood1683d ago

well i saw it in 3D, i might of seen something that looked odd but good at the same time.