TVF The Walking Dead Season Premiere Review: It's a Wonderful Life

Simply by itself, the title of The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere, "30 Days Without an Accident," gave off the ominous but predictable implication that somebody was going to end up walker food.

But peace time has found its way to the prison after a time jump from the Governor's defeat in "Welcome to the Tombs." Rick's turned into a farmer that doesn't use guns, the new people that have joined all love Daryl as much as the fans of the show and it seems as if life has settled into something of normalcy, even if hordes of walkers smash their faces against the fence keeping them out.

It's all a little underwhelming (and feels a little similar to the time spent on Hershel's farm in The Walking Dead Season 2), but there are some decent character setups for the season. And lots and lots of blood and gore.

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alycakes1680d ago

Strong beginning that left us knowing what's to come. I can't believe after all the hard work that it's all going down like that.