Machete Kills Review (Cinelinx)

From Cinelinx:

The original Machete film was based on a fake trailer that Robert Rodriguez had directed for the Grindhouse/Terror Planet double feature. Therefore, Rodriguez had only a few shots and a general premise with which to base his feature film on. The resulting product had a story that was able to connect the dots, but the end product as a whole wasn’t really as satisfying as its parts. For the sequel, Rodriguez doesn’t have a trailer or anything else to base his film on. Therefore, in order to heed to tradition and give his new film at least some purpose for existing, Rodriguez makes another trailer. This one is for the next Machete film. That film is supposed to take place after this one, and by presenting it to the audience as a “preview”, Rodriguez gives Machete Kills some sort of plot; fill in everything that has happened as a lead up to that next film.

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