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David Gordon Green's output is a rather mixed affair, with small indies like George Washington and Snow Angels and big Hollywood studio comedies such as Pineapple Express and The Sitter, with Prince Avalanche it's much more a reversal back to his natural habitat, but he's taken Paul Rudd along the journey with him. Based on an Icelandic film, Prince Avalanche sees two men in the middle of an isolated landscape, in this case Texas decades ago, painting a new road after a storm hit, the two living rough and discussing the big and small of life as they perform a menial job. Rudd is a man trying to prove his rugged, outdoorsy worth to young Emile Hirsch, who is the brother of Rudd's girlfriend who needs to get out on his own and do work. Naturally this means Hirsch isn't here on his own devices and laments the opportunity. A simple conflict that eases the film's glacial pacing into something more than a series of small incidents surrounding a couple of men drifting down a road.

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