Family Guy “Vestigial Peter” Review | Geekenstein

"Some of the humor-deprived gags go on for such a painfully long time, I welcomed the inevitable interruption of the cutaways to get us out of there. There was some very slightly amusing material with Peter being hurt when Chip and the rest of the family sing the theme song without him, as well as during the surgery scene. My goodwill was quickly squandered when Dr Hartman used the exact same “We lost your father” joke as seen on Arrested Development. If you’re going to steal jokes, Family Guy, at least doll it up a little, because otherwise I’ll just be lamenting the fact that I’m not watching whatever you stole from instead." - Kate Reilly of Geekenstein

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Varzoth1684d ago

Damn a 0.5? Seems a bit harsh to me. I loled a few times during the episode definitely, but I think it deserves a little higher score.