Working Titles For ‘Star Wars: Episode VII’


Alright, boys and girls, we have some juicy information for you today!!

Remember in that interview that Jett Lucas recently (CLICK HERE) did where he confirmed that his dad, George Lucas, was working on the treatments to the Sequel Trilogy before Disney approached him for the sale? Of course you do.

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Garethvk1717d ago (Edited 1717d ago )

This is a very valid site, however things are not always so clear. They broke the news on CNN that Ford is in the film when our sources said he was undecided. We got flamed over this stance by their supporters who said it was true. Oddly enough, Ford the other day even said he was undecided about being involved and weeks after the posting said noting was final yet but it was looking good. Take it along with most Star Wars rumors with a grain of salt folks until you get a confirmation from Disney or multiple sources but it is good to hear some movement finally after Disney dropped the ball badly at the D23 Expo by not giving us anything.

firelogic1717d ago

JJ, if you know what's good for you, please distance yourself as far away from Lucas as you can. Make Episode VII your own if you want to keep your reputation intact.

barb_wire1716d ago

JJ has no reputation.. he over directs everything and uses paper thin stories.

KingPin1716d ago

and lens flares which are so distracting, you stop paying attention to the story and start to question if the lens flares are really required in the scene.

StarWarsFan1716d ago

"Return Of The Jedi" sounds too close to others in the franchise. So I'm with "Rise Of The Jedi", but I still think a better one could be chosen and will be chosen.

DanielForth1716d ago

MEh lame names Try again..