TVF Elementary Review: Hackers

"We Are Everyone" was a first for Elementary. From online hackers protecting a man who committed espionage to Watson trying out some online dating, there were some interesting twists and turns at every stop.

And Joan found a hottie! You go girl! Also, was that Moriarty's voice that I heard?

First off, excuse my headline, but I've been waiting for a reason to use this reference because of Jonny Lee Miller's role in the film Hackers. I'm incredibly thankful that I can finally say it and it sound sound cliche.

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alycakes1685d ago

Great episode but then I usually like them all.

Simon_Brezhnev1685d ago

I dropped this series last year and want to know is it really that good? I cant help but compare it to Sherlock BBC and its just so much better. Earlier this year i saw all of Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes and nobody comes close. Is he still only solving murders i wish he would do mysteries too. I feel like this show is just a carbon copy of Mentalist last year.

alycakes1685d ago

I don't watch the other one so that's probably why I like this one. I don't have it to compare. I know the one on BBC is suppose to be really good but I don't get BBC. I really enjoy this one and even though it's a little out of the normal realm from other Sherlock shows, I've grown to like it's concept.

Lord_Sloth1684d ago

Sherlock's on Netflix I believe so you can check it out there. I may be wrong but I saw it last time I used it.

Simon_Brezhnev1684d ago

Yeah like Lord_Sloth said its on Netflix if you have it. I might try this show again but is it still only about murders?

Anthotis1684d ago

Lucy Liu is still a hot piece of finger-lickin-chicken.