Review: Sons of Anarchy Season 6 Episode 5 “The Mad King” | GeekedOutNation

The last we saw Sons of Anarchy saw the demise of club member Filthy Phil, prospect V-Len, incarcerated ex-member Otto Delaney, and retired U.S Marshall Lee Toric. With Toric dead they have to quickly re-establish who their adversary will be for the rest of the season, leading into the final season next year. This episode has established not one but two adversaries that the club will have to deal with. The first, and most explosive, villain is Galen who is the liason between the Real IRA and the MC concerning the gun trade that Jax wants to put a stop too. The second adversary is D.A Tyne Patterson, who is looking into taking down the people who may have provided a gun to a kid who shot-up a school.

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