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ATE writes: "Despite having one of the worst episode titles in television history, “Bitchcraft” was definitely a promising hour of horror television. Kathy Bates opens things up as a crazy, slave torturing, high class widow of three. She takes pleasure in torturing slaves and rubbing blood on her face as a form of anti-aging. I can only assume that Bates’ character is a witch, as she certainly seems the type, and also a scene at the end gives you a definition inclination. At first, her story is separate from the main storyline, but like the last two seasons of AHS, everything eventually connects to some extent."

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ajax171713d ago

It was pretty good. From the look of the ending, it seems to be a very entertaining season.

aDDicteD1713d ago

the pilot was initially ok but not as good as the pilots of the last 2 seasons, kathy bates looks like the one stealing the show. the series looks to be promising but does not look as dark as the second season.