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The episode opens to a SHIELD agent/trucker named Mack, guess they couldn’t find a more generic trucker name. Also fun to note he’s pulling a Rocky Mountain Office supply trailer, who’s logo is written in Office Max font. Immediately after declaring everything is great one of his escort vehicles is thrown from the road by an invisible force. The same unseen force makes short work of his other escort vehicles then lifts his truck into the air to drop it leaving it ripe for the picking. The hijackers who have access to this invisible force that lifts cars then uses an excavator to tear open the trailer. Now at first this seemed odd, they couldn’t use the force thing to open the trailer? Or use the torch they produced moments later to cut into a secret compartment inside the trailer? Once inside said compartment they kidnap a scientist by the name Franklin Hall. This is a bit of a spoiler for a true Marvel nerd, who will already know he is Graviton.

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