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China Names Nicolas Cage The Best Actor In The Whole Wide World

Nicolas Cage is certainly one of the most prolific actors in Hollywood, and now China has named him the best actor in the whole wide world. On Monday night, Nicolas Cage received the award for Best Global Actor in Motion Pictures at China’s Huading Awards.

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darklordzor1530d ago

That many Chinese people can't be wrong.

medman1529d ago

They are living under the fist of communism. Nic Cage is probably one of the few western actors/actresses they are allowed to see.

Axonometri1530d ago

Question is, do they have the real Cage or is he a cheap knock-off on the black market?

Drakesfortune1529d ago

He is a talented actor and i like him...he has done some bad movies though

aDDicteD1529d ago

nic cage may not be the best of actors out there but he certainly is one of the most versatile and hard working actor. he is not choosy in his roles and somehow that hurts his career overall but he is indeed passionate on his craft.

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