First Look At Superman In “Justice League: War,” Warner Home Video At New York Comic-Con

World's Finest Online

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has provided The World’s Finest with a new image from the upcoming Justice League: War animated feature, along with additional updates concerning the studio’s presence at the New York Comic-Con 2013. The new image from the upcoming direct-to-video Justice League: War animated feature spotlights a first look at Superman, along with appearances by Batman and Green Lantern. The upcoming DC Universe Animated Original Movie title, scheduled for release come Early 2014 from Warner Home Video, will be an adaptation of the “Justice League: Origin” storyline recently published by DC Comics. “Justice League: Origin,” written by Geoff Johns with artwork by Jim Lee and Scott Williams, kicked off the comic publisher’s current ongoing “The New 52″ comic-line initiative. Click on the thumbnail below for a closer look at the image.

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