Leaked 'Justice League: Mortal' Script Review


Hey guys, Michael here. I know I promised to reveal my Top 5 Worst Comic Book Adaptions this week, but there was something else that came up. Something I think you'll all like.

You see, good old SMN founder @KnightGambit aka Caleb Williams DMed me via Twitter this past Monday and let me know about an Exclusive that he wanted me to write. He wanted me to write a review of the infamous Justice League: Mortal (sent to him by @RobertMLaurence, thanks Rob!) script that has been leaked online & that we will also link to HERE!

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darklordzor1748d ago

This is kind of interesting. From what I've read (not close to all of it) it sounds like a decent story. The main problem seems to be with the cast they had picked out for it.