7 Films to Get Horror Movie Weenies Into the Halloween Spirit

From Cinelinx:

Halloween is nearly upon us and as is the case with most holidays, people are eager to get in the spirit. Movies are a great way to get in the mood for the holiday, and with Halloween, horror films (filled with scares and blood) are the norm. But what about those of us who are big chickens but still want to be festive? Being a Horror Movie Weenie myself, I've come up with this list of films to get you in the Halloween spirit without the need to change your underpants or sleep with the lights on.

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alycakes1748d ago

Ghostbusters is always a good one to fall back on.

darklordzor1748d ago

I can't think of any time where it's NOT good to watch Ghostbusters.

darklordzor1748d ago

Never been big on getting scared or lots of blood and gore. I have enough things to worry about in real life, I don't want to have to be anxious through a movie! That's supposed to be my relaxing time!

alycakes1748d ago

I don't mind the scary so much but I don't like the blood and the Saw movies and stuff like that.. I do like a little scary and suspense if I'm watching it with someone or during the day at home by myself.

darklordzor1748d ago

Nope, nope, nope. I'm not down with any of it. I've seen tons, but I've never been able to build up a tolerance for it.

I was dragged to The Conjuring with my girlfriend, and it scared the poo out of me.

alycakes1748d ago

Well, I'd rather see them at home during the day...they aren't as scary some how.