Breaking Bad Conspiracy Theory Suggests Finale Had A Secret Twist

CB: Since you’re online and reading this article, I’m assuming you either saw or have heard what happened on the Breaking Bad finale. It’s really impossible to utilize any type of social media without finding out the ending. Just in case, though, be warned that I will be going into detailed spoilers around the finale. The title of this article is not a spoiler, because it’s just a theory that may or may not have any basis on what actually happened.

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mushroomwig1745d ago

I've never understood these "theories" about secret endings, it just doesn't make any sense to me. What was shown happened, that's it.

maximus19851745d ago

its fiction so i have to disagree with you. diferent out comes are possible

Soupaman661745d ago (Edited 1745d ago )

not if the director said what happened happened. all stories are fictional but I'm not going to disprove it. I'm not going to say that scar didn't kill Mufassa and propose that scar never existed but was Simba's alter ego that killed his father. that just sounds dumb and doesn't make sense.

maximus19851745d ago

ever seen inception, or insidious, or anything from amnight shamallan (did i spell that wrong...probably) point is sure it wasnt a dream but if theres enough logic behind something even the creator could say sure thats what happened. hell the writers themselves had multiple ideas for an ending so this dream theory isnt far all im saying

Lord_Sloth1745d ago

I'm not sure how this makes sense...Just like the whole "Squall was dead, the game was a hallucination" bit.

It happened and nothing suggests otherwise.

Wintersun6161745d ago

Stopped reading at "What if most of the finale was actually a dream or hallucination of sorts?".

lnvisibleMan1744d ago

If it was a dream or hallucination everything in the final episode would have been seen through Walt eyes alone, which of course didn't happen. There was one Maria was warned Skyler about Walt and in another scene it showed Jesse in the car laughing in relief after escaping the ordeal he suffered.

Tiqila1744d ago

and walter would not be able to dream or imagine that? seriously? Might be my dreams are more complex than yours then...

DeadManMcCarthy1745d ago

It's actually a very plausible ending.

It reminds me of the ending to 'Repo Men (2010)'. It's very similar to this theory where the protagonist dreams the last half of the movie.

deathstriker1744d ago

If they want to write their own fan fiction then fine, but thinking he actually died in the car is silly and no, not everything is "open to interpretation". Maybe the Sixth Sense kid was crazy and couldn't see ghosts... nope. This is worse than the Lost people who say they all died in the pilot; it's close to delusional.

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