Hostages "Invisible Leash" Review | Geekenstein

"After Ellen’s stall-tactic of slipping the President some blood-thinner, both the hostages and their keepers must deal with the consequences. The Secret Service launches an investigation into the incident, while Carlisle scrambles to ensure Ellen isn’t caught. Everyone goes back to their regular lives, or at least the appearance of regular life. Carlisle’s team installs subdermal tracking chips and listening devices in each of the Sanders. Brian is forced to continue his extramarital affair under the watchful eyes of said hostage-takers, Carlisle tries to explain to the FBI why he shot a criminal disguised as a hostage during the pilot, Kramer (no, not that one) might be popping pills again, and we get some more hints as to the origins and purpose of the conspiracy. In the meanwhile, Jake continues to whine about how the big bad pot dealers are going to kill him, and Morgan does absolutely nothing but whine." - Kate Reilly of Geekenstein

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