10 Movies To Watch Out For: October 2013

Vyralize: October is here! And we’re finally clear of the slump that follows the end of summer (or at least I hope so). Huzzah!

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Speed-Racer1751d ago

Captain Phillips is looking amazing.

mcroddi1751d ago

There is actually too many there to chose a favorite!

Speed-Racer1751d ago

I might be broke by the end of this month

ProjectVulcan1750d ago

Some of those films are great, but only one is fantastic and that is Gravity.

The must see film of this year, easily.

ajax171751d ago

I can't believe The Fifth Estate is on that list. It's been getting such mediocre reviews... KHAAAAN!!!

SouthClaw1750d ago

As much as I love Benedict Cumberbatch I think he was wrong for the role. He's a great actor but I don't think he looks a lot like him. He's too think / pointed face. It bugs me and kinda puts me off the film as it feels like they went for a big name instead of details.

Scrivlar1750d ago

Think gravity looks quite boring actually but it's getting good reviews so I'll go see for myself. Liking the look of the kennedy assassination one.

aDDicteD1742d ago

if i had to choose one it would certainly be gravity in imax 3d. it has a lot of good reviews and is getting a lot of hype just as it came out. i might regret it not seeing it in a movie.