TVF Agents of SHIELD Review: Pieces Solving Puzzles

Coulson and his team were off to Peru to recover an item of unknown, also known as an "0-8-4," on Agents of SHIELD this week.

Once there, the beloved agent found that retrieving the item was relatively easy... but getting five strangers to work as a team can be quite the opposite.

It was a nice to see that Coulson’s selection of misfits didn't instantly become a team after just one mission. Then again, it shouldn't really that big of surprise , given that it’s a fairly common theme among Marvel stories: a new team has to figure out how to work together.

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alycakes1754d ago

Again, it was a good show with everyone getting to know one another and then all hell breaking loose. I think this is going to be very interesting as we get to know more about each one of the characters.