TVF Sons of Anarchy Review: Executive Decisions

If was glossed over by the appearance of Neo-Nazis, the death of two club members, the bloody demise of two other recurring characters and an attack on Unser... but Jax killed Tig last week.

No, not really of course. Tig is still alive.

But we learned his fate at the very beginning of "Wolfsangel," almost as if Kurt Sutter wanted viewers to relax, realize August Marks had kept him alive and then forget about the circumstances that made us question his status in the first place... but it can't and shouldn't be ignored: Jax led August and his crew to Tig at the conclusion of "Poenitentia" with the belief that they would murder him.

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alycakes1751d ago

It's getting a little out of hand and not the show it used to be. I'm slowly loosing interest.