Friday the 13th Producers Still Toying With Found Footage Approach


This morning I took to Twitter to relay a bit of information that hit me recently and, while it's nothing new, it certainly gives you an idea as to where the Friday the 13th series might go.

As we know, the franchise is back in Paramount's hands. Platinum Dunes is still on board to produce and they have to get a new installment in theaters relatively sometime before 2015 before the rights go back to Warner Bros.

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darklordzor1751d ago

Found footage could be an interesting way to bring back this classic franchise. It feels like they've tried just about everything else, so something truely different would be nice.

Crazay1751d ago

It could be an interesting way IF they do it right...but one of the things, and don't get me wrong here I actually don't mind "Found Footage" style movies, is that there's always some dink who seems to put the camera ahead of themselves and other people. I don't know how they could get away from that perception, but I would like to see someone try...Maybe a combination of multiple cameras mixed with security cameras (like Paranormal Activity)? I dunno.

darklordzor1751d ago

Yeah that'd be the way to go. If they went this route, it most definitely would mean they'd have to return the series to HORROR, and not a slasher flick. As that would make even less sense as to why someone is keeping the camera rolling.